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Overview—ESD 112
Digital Learning Services

General Assistance with
Technology Leadership
and Digital Learning

Meetings with District Technology Directors and Assistant Superintendents will continue, providing opportunities for networking, sharing, demonstrations, and rich discussions. Technology Forums with District Technology Directors generally take place on a quarterly basis at ESD 112.

Professional Development on Technology

While technology-integration is not the goal of open educational resources, cloud-based communication and collaboration, or flipping classrooms, it is absolutely the catalyst that will make these transformations happen. Professional development is provided on productivity tools, multimedia, wireless tablets, communication and collaboration, and cloud-based solutions. More importantly, professional development is offered in a variety of formats on learning to integrate old and emerging technologies into all aspects of education. Our Professional Development Manager for Digital Learning is expert at helping develop the skills to use technology proficiently and integrate it effectively. Courses are generally offered at ESD 112 or at your site.

Specialized Training and Assistance for School Districts Using Google Apps for Education

Has your district adopted a Google Apps for Education domain? Full integration of Google tools requires specialized training so teachers and students can take full advantage of the apps and devices that are part of the GAFE suite of services. Our certified Google experts advise districts when setting up their domains, train and coach staff, and help develop leadership capacity within the district. For more information, visit

Technology coachClassroom Coaching

Onsite coaching is transforming classrooms, and our classroom technology coaches are available to help teachers learn to use and integrate technology with their students’ learning projects. They are available to meet with school and district leaders to help identify a focus of need and a schedule of classroom visitations. They are also available to meet with teachers in the context of their professional learning communities. Coaching can be customized to meet the needs of the teacher, school or district.

dmc logo

The Digital Media Center

This regional cooperative brings together 21 districts and four private schools in the region that have the common goal of providing high-quality, online learning resources to their teachers and students. The DMC provides access to streaming video content, online encyclopedias and databases, research materials, and other online resources. Professional development on the resources is offered. For more information about the Digital Media Center and its cooperative services, please visit ESD 112's Digital Media web site.

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Competitively Bid Technology Solutions for 21st Century
Schools and Classrooms

The ESD 112 DigitalEdge Purchasing Program provides contracts on school and classroom technology solutions. Districts can utilize these contracts to make their technology purchases while complying with Washington’s school purchasing laws. Equipment on the contracts includes solutions such as projectors, flat panels, document cameras, Chromebooks and management licenses, charging carts, safety equipment, and more. For more information, go to the DigitalEdge web site.


Technology that Supports
Teacher and Principal Evaluation

The Digital Learning Services program offers support, assistance and professional development on tools that support teacher and principal professional growth. Training on the use of the online eVAL tool as a support for teacher and principal growth and evaluation is available to teachers, principals and district leaders. These opportunities are just a phone call away.

photo of cashE-Rate Assistance

ESD 112 provides school districts with assistance in applying for E-Rate discounts. Launched during the 2014-2015 school year, there are now 29 districts in three Washington regions that get E-Rate assistance through the E-Rate consortium. For the 2016-2017 school year, the member districts saved approximately $2.6 million in their network and telecommunications costs. Our E-Rate services are provided by our local E-Rate consultant who is a strong advocate for the districts that he assists.

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Our Vision

Schools that are preparing students for their future.

Our Mission

To promote 21st century learning experiences by providing leadership, developing model classrooms, delivering professional development, offering technical assistance and providing ongoing support for the effective use of technology.

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