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Digital Learning Services

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year!

The Digital Learning Services program at ESD 112 is ready to provide a variety of services that meet the various needs of the districts we serve. With our vision of transforming learning communities with technology, we are excited about the prospect of assisting schools and districts in using technology effectively for all aspects of teaching and learning!

Our strategic plan is based on our core set of beliefs that will guide us as we develop services in our region:

  • The use and integration of technology is not a goal in itself. Rather, its power comes from supporting a larger purpose.
  • In this interconnected world, a classroom is not a 21st century classroom if technology is not an integral part of the learning environment. Because of its power to engage students and educators in problem-solving, visualizing and analyzing data, communicating and collaborating, and creating new ideas and products, technology is a requirement in today’s classroom.
  • A good technology solution is defined by its power to transform, and not by its glitz.
  • Sometimes, technology can be used to “do things differently.” At other times, technology should be used to “do different things.” Both are acceptable.
  • Professional development is key to successful technology implementation.

Please call us if we can be of help. Our contact information is at the right.

Our Vision

Schools that are preparing students for their future.

Our Mission

To promote 21st century learning experiences by providing leadership, developing model classrooms, delivering professional development, offering technical assistance and providing ongoing support for the effective use of technology.