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Service Overview and Benefits

CSG Value Engineering is an organized approach to optimizing cost and performance of a facility and to identify items that add cost without contributing to function. In evaluating the quality, function, life, and appearance, of required features of a facility, the value engineering team attempts to maximize value without reducing quality below required levels.

Unique Elements of CSG Value Engineering Services

Value Engineering is Not Just Second-Guessing the Design Team

The VE program is an integral part of the overall project delivery process and is not a separate activity designed to “second-guess” the design team or School District.  The application of VE by CSG is scheduled to promote timely, efficient and effective delivery of value advice.

Not Just a Cost-Cutting Exercise

CSG does not apply VE as a simple cost cutting process at the expense of required functions or features.  CSG VE reporting is based on realistic measures of effectiveness, first and life cycle cost savings, and value improvement.  VE is not intended to serve as an instrument for project scope/budget reconciliation.  Using VE for this purpose compromises both the integrity of the VE process and the accountability of the Design team to meet the project budget.

Value Engineering is a Continuous Process

For maximum effect, CSG provides VE services beginning early in the Conceptual Design process, continuing through Schematic Design with the formal review occurring at early Design Development and culminating with Construction Documents if necessary.

CSG's Primary Focus is Life Cycle Value

CSG places primary emphasis on obtaining maximum lifecycle value for within the project budget.  Improved value can be represented in a number of ways such as improved function, flexibility, expandability, maintainability and aesthetics, as well as reduced life-cycle cost. First-cost reductions achieved to bring a project within approved budgets are not considered nor reported as VE “savings”. VE first cost savings are only those dollars withdrawn from approved budgets and reallocated to other uses, all as a result of VE.

CSG Conducts a Full Economic Analysis

Estimated life-cycle cost reductions will be considered and reported as savings only when supported by a full economic analysis. Acceptance and implementation of VE ideas based on projected life-cycle cost reductions are encouraged, whether or not the cost reductions meet the criteria for VE “savings”.