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Service Overview and Benefits

Along with every new or modernized school building is a need for chairs, tables, desks, educational tools, kitchen equipment, field equipment, and more. The design of architectural, mechanical, electrical and technical systems must also be coordinated with FF&E needs. Managing this process can be both time-consuming and complicated.

In some cases, it is overlooked entirely until it is time for the building to be occupied, often resulting in additional cost and delays. The FF&E service offered through CSG provides professional oversight of this important process and assures that all critical details have been addressed prior to occupancy.

Unique Elements of CSG FF&E Services

Start to Finish Involvement

CSG’s FF&E service starts during the design phase of a project and proceeds through the opening of the school and beyond. CSG FF&E service provides a holistic approach to the entire design-purchase-deliver-unpack-setup-test-use sequence. As part of the FF&E service, CSG also inventories and arranges for the removal of old furniture. Additionally, CSG can manage the surplusing of older furnishings that are no longer viable.

“Book of Rooms” streamlines the process

A program named the “Book of Rooms” allows the District and CSG to analyze each room and install furniture and equipment “virtually”, linking it to current market prices via a unique data base. Using this program, budget scenarios can be quickly and thoroughly investigated before orders are placed. The Book of Rooms is also a valuable tool in assisting the design team to understand furniture layout and coordinate their work accordingly.

Competitive Pricing

FF&E pricing is focused on ensuring that Districts are getting the best value for their money. Competitive bidding and access to multiple public convenience contracts are just two techniques used to provide Districts with maximum value. Direct purchasing is pursued when possible to avoid unwarranted costs. SG can conclude its service with a bar coding of all FF&E assets for a District’s future use.