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Service Overview and Benefits

CSG offers school districts various levels of facility assessment and a full range of facilities planning options.

Unique Elements of CSG Facility Assessment and Planning Services

OSPI Study and Survey

  • Mandatory for districts seeking State of Washington (OSPI) construction funding assistance
  • Primarily used by OSPI for funding distribution prioritization and general building condition data,  not  for in-depth  maintenance and renewal planning

OSPI Asset Preservation

  • OSPI mandate requiring school districts to conduct a complete physical condition assessment of their buildings (built since 1994) every six years and update the study annually
  • Provides greater detail than a Study and Survey and captures space use information in addition to a building’s physical condition
  • Can form the basis of a rudimentary maintenance and renewal plan

Full Facility Evaluation

  • Detailed assessment of each system and sub-system in a building and its site
  • Systems evaluated in terms of their remaining life expectancy
  • Allows districts to do “what if” maintenance and renewal budgeting scenarios based on estimated future costs

Facility Planning

  • Includes enrollment projections, building capacity and utilization calculations, improvement plans, budgeting, scheduling, community input facilitation and capital bond/levy planning and communications
  • Serves as a long-range planning document that guides a district in its facility design, construction and capital renewal activities over the years