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Service Overview and Benefits

CSG energy audits identify ways to spend less for energy at school buildings with the same or better level of occupant comfort.

Unique Elements of CSG Energy Audits and Related Services

How does an Energy Audit work?

  • CSG determines, from a year’s worth of energy bills for your schools, how much energy each school is using.
  • If energy use is high, CSG requests a grant from the Bonneville Power Administration to perform a free or low-cost energy audit.
  • If BPA offers a grant, or the school pays for an audit, CSG provides the school a report identifying energy-saving strategies and utility incentives.

The Building Systems Evaluated

  • Heating/air conditioning
  • HVAC controls
  • Lighting
  • Building envelope

Additional Energy-Related Services

  • Benchmarking of energy use in comparison to peer schools in the State of Washington
  • Retro-commissioning to tune-up HVAC, controls and lighting systems to save energy and maintenance costs
  • Building control system troubleshooting and control system upgrades
  • Project Management for energy upgrade construction projects
  • Maintenance and operation plan development
  • Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol (WSSP) assistance