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Constructability Review Services

CSG Constructability Review services are designed to achieve the lowest possible project bid and minimize the chances of change orders and claims after construction begins. Constructability Reviews involve reviewing contract documents and identifying potential claims or problem areas that may occur during the construction phase of a project.

The purpose is to identify as many errors, ambiguity, omissions, discrepancies, and conflicts as possible in the drawings and specifications created by the architects and engineers of record. CSG has conducted over 100 Constructability Reviews in the last 10 years for school districts throughout the State of Washington.

Team Approach

CSG promotes the direct involvement of the design team, Project Manager, and School District on the review team. This allows the design team to have first-hand knowledge of required corrections and the District to understand the condition of documents prior to bidding.

Workshop Format

CSG uses a unique workshop method for its Constructability Reviews. We use an integrated, interdisciplinary review team that puts architects, engineers, and other specialists in the same room at the same time. This approach generates the best synergy and coordination.

On-Site Reviews

CSG is one of the only organizations to send the construction review team to the school site to observe actual existing conditions. This process produces great results. The on-site review team often finds site conditions that do not match the drawings, consistently a source of change orders.

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