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Service Overview and Benefits

CSG provides assistance to districts throughout the entire capital levy or bond campaign process. Following are the steps and activities managed by our seasoned public relations staff.

Unique Elements of CSG Public Information Services

Evaluation of Current Communications Efforts

A successful campaign requires year-round effort and begins long before the Board of Directors approves placing a measure on the ballot. School districts who communicate with their patrons on a regular basis usually find they have an easier time gaining voter approval on election day. Our staff works with you to assess your current communication efforts and how they fit into an election campaign.

Setting the Stage

CSG staff helps you lay the groundwork for a successful campaign, including the following tasks:

  • Assist with voter registration campaign
  • Ensure that staff is “in the loop.” Staff members are the frontline for communications and are often viewed as the most credible source of information about a school district.
  • Engaging your community. We assist with organizing and facilitating listening posts, community forums and other avenues for engaging your community stakeholders.
  • Data collection. We will build surveys for staff and patrons to gather feedback on your election plans.

Brand Your Informational Campaign

CSG staff helps brand your campaign and develop key messages based on survey and focus group feedback. We help you in the development of a common identity for all of your campaign materials.

Plan and Execute Your District Informational Campaign

We work with you to identify key messages and strategies for their delivery.  We also create a master schedule, task list and assignments, as well as review PDC guidelines with your staff. Our communications and design staff create:

  • Fact sheets and newsletters
  • Web site postings and blogging site setup
  • Informational meetings/forums
  • Media relations
  • Power Point and video presentations

Plan and Execute an Advocacy Campaign

A citizens committee is often composed of district patrons, parents, and even staff. Advocacy tasks may include placing yard signs, door knocking, handing out campaign materials at local events, and phone calling. CSG staff works with citizen's committee representatives to help guide their efforts. Some of the tasks involved are:

  • Building the team of volunteers
  • Identify “yes” votes and maintain voter list
  • Obtain voter records
  • Develop a timeline
  • Determine budget
  • Assign tasks

Review the Results

Once the votes are tallied and the campaign is wrapped up, you’ll want to take a moment to reflect on the process.

  • What worked, what could be done differently?
  • Thank key players