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Modern buildings are becoming more complex and new technologies are being used in many new or modernized schools. CSG Building Commissioning services maximize the performance of building systems to conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

Commissioning is a systematic process that begins in the design phase and continues through project occupancy and closeout. The Commissioning process ensures that building systems perform according to the documented design intent and includes training district staff in proper maintenance and operations techniques. Enhanced Commissioning, in compliance with Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol, is available. In the last ten years, CSG has provided building commissioning services for over 75 K-12 capital bond programs throughout the State of Washington.

Planning Phase

The key to achieving a functional building is to clearly define and document all of the school district’s requirements. The CSG commissioning team helps School Districts establish design standards for their district. These standards become a guideline for architects and engineers.

Design Phase

The CSG Commissioning group focuses on communicating the school district’s system standards to the designers, and monitoring the design team’s compliance with the district’s project requirements. Detailed Commissioning specifications are provided to the architect for inclusion in his documentation.

Construction Phase

CSG Commission specifications require the Contractor to implement quality processes during the construction phase. The specifications also outline the responsibilities of the major subcontractors for commissioning activities and testing of systems and equipment. During construction we work with the installers to maximize quality. We verify that equipment is being installed correctly. A communication protocol is established so contractors can “do it right the first time”. This saves everyone time and money.

Acceptance Phase

Prior to occupancy, functional performance testing is performed. This is a random sampling unless problem areas are identified. Systems and equipment are put through their paces and tested against specified functions. School district staff is educated on the operations and maintenance. Operation and maintenance manuals are checked for content, clarity, and completeness. Training is documented and reviewed for completeness. We confirm that school district staff knows how to operate and maintain the building for years to come.

Operational Phase

Seasonal performance testing, on-going training, document upkeep, and problem identification are all accomplished during the operational phase. In addition, at the 11-month point, CSG performs a warranty review visit to identify needed manufacturer repairs prior to the end of the warranty period.

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