Regional High School Art Show 2015

In addition to signaling ESD 112’s support of arts programs, the Regional High School Art Show is one of year's best events. ESD 112 hosts students and parents from all over the region who come to view works submitted by students in six counties.

Welcome Students!

Student artists from throughout Southwest Washington will be recognized for their outstanding artwork at the 2015 Southwest Washington High School Art Show, sponsored by ESD 112 on Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

Now in it's 42nd year, the art show is one of the few opportunities for area art students to receive recognition and exposure for their work. Artwork is on display at ESD 112 March 2-27.

Sixteen pieces will receive Regional Awards to compete against entries from around Washington State in the Annual State Superintendent of Public Instruction's Art Show in Olympia April-May.

2014 Winners

Regional Awards

Myckelle Mathis,  Kelso High School, Freak Show
James Aldridge, Hudson's Bay High School, Confused Coke Bottle
Alyssa Danis, Henrietta Lacks High School, Into the Depths
Karina Paul, Henrietta Lacks High School, Extraordinary Me
Daniel Kolomiyets,  Summit View High School,  Snowball Girl
Elizabeth Evans, Kelso High School, The Journey
Paige Galvez, Vancouver School of Arts & Academics,  Suffocating Confidence
Alec Chaney, Skyview High School, Transcend
Megan Gilbert, Ridgefield High School, Megan's Picture
Josh Sokolowski, Ridgefield High School, Shrooms
Dillon Franke, Woodland High School, Fruit Grafting
Nicole Davis, Mark Morris High School, Astro
Riley Donahue, River Homelink, Ditat Deus
Clair Howe, Union High School, Spotlights and Headlights
Julianne Cubacub, Union High School, Serenity
Mickayla Mury, Kelso High School, Happy Feet

Jack Osier Award

Keely Rae Prestwich, Prairie High School, The Next Stroke

Merry Cammack Award

 Madison Hill, Union High School, Leaf Me Be

ESD 112 Staff Choice Award

 Hannah Jeung, Evergreen High School, Imagine

ESD 112 Awards

Ashley Nichole Kourn, Hudson's Bay High School, Portals of Knowledge
Daniel Kolomiyets, Summit View High School, Snow Ocean Girl
Daniel Kolomiyets, Summit View High School, Heritage Photo
Yulia Dzhumaniyazov, Kelso High School, Untitled
Kady Bruce, Kelso High School, The Principal's Dahlia
Daniel Saidor, Ridgefield High School, A.P. Stencil
Sabrina MacVicar, Camas High School, Separated Fractal
Olivia Bonebrake, Ridgefield High School, Chieftan
Justin Wallace, Heritage High School, Fluttering By
Camper Ruybal,  Heritage High School, Silver Lining
Austin Collins,  Hudson's Bay High School, Dahlias in the Daylight
Zara Luttrell, Mountain View High School, Tidal Balance
Jennifer Murphy,  Mountain View High School, Tangerine
Lauren Clark, Fort Vancouver High School,  Helplessness
Rebecca Thompson,  Mountain View High School,  Horizon
London Rilatos,  Union High School,  Two Faced
Aaliyah Synn,  Union High School, Benevolent
Nick Deal,  Wahkiakum High School, Colorful Wood
Bailey Ellis,  Kelso High School, Rem
Marisa Riley,  Heritage High School, Chinese Lanterns
Riley Donahue, River Homelink, Here We Are

Honorable Mention Awards

James Aldridge,  Hudson's Bay High School, Life Cycles of a Flower
Maranda Heckler, Hudson's Bay High School, Life of a Leaf
Cheyenne Anderson,  Fort Vancouver High School, McDonald's Order
Salem Tovar, Henrietta Lacks High School, Teenage Energy
Daniel Kolomiyets,  Summit View High School, Paper Queen
Zoe Raskin,  Heritage High School,  Stitchery
Pavel Yevseyev, Heritage High School, Mirror of Fall
Kylie Hullinger,  Heritage High School,  Book Box
Tamira Blake,  Evergreen High School,  Serving Fresh Saltwater
Jett Broekel,  Ridgefield High School,  Sky Kuro
Hayley Holmes,  Heritage High School, Wandering
Dmitriy Ivanchuk,  Heritage High School,  What's Inside?
Skyler Gildersleeve,  Woodland High School,  Ballerinas
 Breanna Moeser,  Evergreen High School,  Self Portrait
Julia Wygant,  Mark Morris High School, In all seriousness...
Julia Wygant,  Mark Morris High School,  Pixie Dust
Jennifer Murphy,  Mountain View High School, Taj
Madison McCracken,  R.A. Long High School,  Into the Sea
Susan Zuo,  Union High School, Rise
Kenzie Hunt,  Prairie High School,  Woman in the Hat
Tiera Thiery,  Kelso High School, Color Burst
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