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How ESD 112 Works
for Districts

ESD 112 work reflects three focus areas: operations expertise, student success and healthy communities. For the past four decades, ESD 112 has been a key educational partner in creating and delivering programs that benefit schools, children and their communities in the six counties of Southwest Washington.

Our service region spans 30 school districts, two state schools and numerous private schools. We also provide additional services to districts throughout the state in partnership with Washington’s eight other Educational Service Districts. Through the facilitation of partnerships, cooperatives, state and federal grants and fee for service work, ESD 112 helps districts leverage resources to achieve program efficiency and cost savings.

Our programs and services have been replicated throughout the country as innovative and productive. Our approach achieves the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Features and Announcements

Our Purpose and Our Focus

Our purpose, as envisioned by state lawmakers in 1969 when ESDs were created, remains the same today:

  1. To help districts pool their resources to maximize education dollars and realize cost savings;
  2. To create equal educational opportunities for all children of Washington, whether they live in districts large or small, rich or poor, urban or rural.
  3. To bring greater efficiency to school district operations through creative program development and partnerships

Our focus assures support on two fronts: teaching and learning support to help strengthen instruction and improve student achievement; and operations expertise to help support district management functions.

In collaboration with district and community partners, ESD 112 has the expertise and infrastructure to build programs and services quickly—and at an affordable price.

Our breadth of service is broad and diverse – from early learning, professional development and data coaching, to construction management, transportation and insurance. ESD 112 operates more than 250 programs and services.

Profile of ESD 112

A small investment by the state produces huge dividends for education. After more than four decades of service to schools in six Southwest Washington counties, ESD 112 remains focused on quality service.

Together with the urban and rural districts we serve, we are able to leverage a small amount of state funding to build effective, cost efficient and innovative programs that help districts save money and leverage resources.

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The ESD 112 Mission

ESD 112 equalizes educational opportunities for learning communities through innovative partnerships, responsive leadership, and exceptional programs.


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​From Our Superintendent

Dear Partners in Education,

I hope your school year is off to a great start! As I begin my second year as ESD 112 superintendent, I already have many great memories and stories about the past year. It was a year of listening and learning (on my part) and I witnessed many amazing accomplishments by students, teachers and leaders in our region. ESD 112 is proud to partner with districts to support students and staff as they begin another new school year.

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We begin the 2015-16 school year by welcoming 11 new superintendents to the ESD 112 region. Some of them are familiar faces in new positions and districts. Others are new to our state and region. A very special welcome from the educational communities in the six counties served by ESD 112.

In collaboration with our districts, we had a busy summer at ESD 112 and I’m anticipating another productive year ahead. A few highlights:

  • Hosting the Google Summit at ESD 112, Google’s official statewide conference featuring workshops on Google Apps for education, which has been adopted by 70% of districts in the state.
  • Coordinating a job fair to hire staff for school districts in our region. 10 districts participated in this inaugural event which attracted more than 150 potential employees. In fact, a few school district positions were filled on the spot!
  • More than 420 school administrators attended a Safety Summit this summer hosted by our Insurance Programs staff. This incredible event partners with local law and safety agencies so that schools can be prepared for any emergency.
  • Over the past 18 months ESD staff have issued over 820 permits for certification for educators in our region helping them receive or maintain the credentials they need to do their jobs.

This summer we also opened the new Hough Early Learning Center at the site of the former historic Hough Pool in Vancouver. The center serves 140+ 3-5 year olds through the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP). After a Grand Opening celebration in August, I had the opportunity to witness the first day of school for these young learners when our doors opened on September 10. Most of these children had not ever had the opportunity to attend preschool. As I watched their parents pick them up, in the midst of smiles, hugs and exciting stories, it was more apparent than ever that we are doing the right thing by expanding early learning programs for those most in need. Once again, we couldn’t do it without the partnerships we enjoy with school districts and community organizations.

There are so many other great examples of the work we do together and how it directly impacts students. I am really looking forward to another remarkable year filled with many more opportunities to learn, grow and partner with schools in our region!


Tim Merlino