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How ESD 112 Works for Districts

ESD 112 work reflects three focus areas: operations expertise, student success and healthy communities. For the past four decades, ESD 112 has been a key educational partner in creating and delivering programs that benefit schools, children and their communities in the six counties of Southwest Washington.

Our service region spans 30 school districts, two state schools and numerous private schools. We also provide additional services to districts throughout the state in partnership with Washington’s eight other Educational Service Districts. Through the facilitation of partnerships, cooperatives, state and federal grants and fee for service work, ESD 112 helps districts leverage resources to achieve program efficiency and cost savings.

Our programs and services have been replicated throughout the country as innovative and productive. Our approach achieves the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

Features and Announcements

Our Purpose and Our Focus

Our purpose, as envisioned by state lawmakers in 1969 when ESDs were created, remains the same today:

  1. To help districts pool their resources to maximize education dollars and realize cost savings;
  2. To create equal educational opportunities for all children of Washington, whether they live in districts large or small, rich or poor, urban or rural.
  3. To bring greater efficiency to school district operations through creative program development and partnerships

Our focus assures support on two fronts: teaching and learning support to help strengthen instruction and improve student achievement; and operations expertise to help support district management functions.

In collaboration with district and community partners, ESD 112 has the expertise and infrastructure to build programs and services quickly—and at an affordable price.

Our breadth of service is broad and diverse – from early learning, professional development and data coaching, to constructional management, transportation and insurance. ESD 112 operates more than 250 programs and services.

Profile of ESD 112

A small investment by the state produces huge dividends for education. After more than four decades of service to schools in six Southwest Washington counties, ESD 112 remains focused on quality service.

Together with the urban and rural districts we serve, we are able to leverage a small amount of state funding to build effective, cost efficient and innovative programs that help districts save money and leverage resources.

Association of Educational Service Districts Report

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The ESD 112 Mission

ESD 112 equalizes educational opportunities for learning communities through innovative partnerships, responsive leadership, and exceptional programs.


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ESD 112 Board of Directors vacancy filled

Former school superintendent appointed

The ESD 112 Board of Directors has appointed former school superintendent Rainer Houser to the Director District 2 board position vacated by Kenneth Botero, who retired earlier this year. Houser will represent the Longview, Naselle-Grays River Valley, Ocean Beach, Toutle Lake, and Wahkiakum school districts on the ESD 112 board. His region also includes parts of Castle Rock and Kelso. He joins the other six members of the ESD 112 board who represent the various six-county geographic regions covered by ESD 112. Houser will officially be sworn into office during the October 28, 2014 regular board meeting. Read more...

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